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Shwedagon, Yangon, March 2015.
Shwedagon, Yangon, March 2015.

Boris Johnson’s ex-lover demands COVID conspiracists arrest him. VICE World News, 18 May 2022.

A volunteer unit called the Bob Marley Squad is fighting in Ukraine. VICE World News, 28 April 2022.

I trained to become a fake cop with COVID conspiracists. VICE World News, 14 April 2022.

Conspiracy theorists are punching each other in the face for anti-vax “charities.” VICE World News, 30 March 2022.

Georgia blocked hundreds of foreign fighters from joining the defence of Ukraine. VICE World News, 1 March 2022.

Foreign fighters are rushing to join Ukraine’s new international battalion. VICE World News, 28 February 2022.

Putin’s war in Ukraine has created tens of thousands of refugees. VICE World News, 24 February 2022.

Why Putin trotted out a “Nazi” smear to try to justify invading Ukraine. VICE World News, 24 February 2022.

Police debunked the “COVID crime number” theory and anti-vaxxers are furious. VICE World News, 23 February 2022.

How a far-right battalion became a part of Ukraine’s National Guard. VICE World News, 16 February 2022.

How Canada’s anti-vax “freedom convoy” sparked global copycat protests. VICE World News, 11 February 2022.

COVID conspiracists are threatening schools with a fake police investigation. VICE World News, 10 February 2022.

Anti-vaxxers are staking everything on a police investigation that doesn’t exist. VICE World News, 4 February 2022.

Anti-vaxxers think a 9-digit code shows vaccine sites are criminal. It doesn’t. VICE World News, 21 January 2022.

He’s winning acting awards at film festivals across Europe. He’s a far-right influencer. VICE World News, 14 January 2022.

Radical conspiracy theorists are holding combat training sessions to fight the “COVID hoax.” VICE World News, 7 January 2022.

“Nazi druid” accused of hoarding weapons to prepare for society’s collapse. VICE World News, 7 January 2022.

“Bodies in the fields”: Soldier investigated over vaccine mandate threat. VICE World News, 4 January 2022.

Far-right presidential candidate charged with mob attack on LGBTQ centre. VICE World News, 4 November 2021.

Vegan chef who became far-right conspiracy theorist ‘had mole in prosecutor’s office.’ VICE World News, 1 November 2021.

Neo-Nazi fight clubs: How the far-right uses MMA to spread hate. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, 1 November 2021.

Black writer boycotts world’s largest book fair over far-right publisher. VICE World News, 22 October 2021.

Far-right ‘Berserker Clan’ accused of prepping for armed uprising in Germany. VICE World News, 21 October 2021.

German former soldiers charged with forming mercenary group to fight in Yemen. VICE World News, 20 October 2021.

Sovereign citizens are trying to set up their own anti-vax schools in the UK. VICE World News, 1 October 2021.

Neo-Nazi music festivals are funding violent extremism in Europe. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, 20 September 2021.

Facebook criticised after running ad paid for by German neo-Nazis. VICE World News, 25 August 2021.

Anti-lockdown protesters tried to seize a Scottish castle. They failed. VICE World News, 18 August 2021.

‘Blackpilled’ gunman kills 5 in UK’s worst shooting in 11 years. VICE World News, 13 August 2021.

How the far-right weaponised memes. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, 6 August 2021.

The rise and fall of Europe’s most influential far-right youth movement. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, 22 July 2021.

How Greece elected Nazis to parliament. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, 11 June 2021.

How populist scaremongering unleashed a wave of anti-Black racism in Italy. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, May 29, 2021.

How a war on the edge of Europe became a training ground for the far-right. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, May 14, 2021.

How the EU’s most homophobic country stoked a culture war and emboldened the far-right. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, April 30, 2021.

COVID conspiracies are super-charging Germany’s far-right. VICE World News: DECADE OF HATE, April 16, 2021.

Two notorious white supremacists still have a platform for their podcast, somehow. VICE World News, February 17, 2021.

The new agers and wellness influencers lost to far-right COVID conspiracies. VICE World News, December 16, 2020.

Neo-Nazi rapper known as a “far-right Weird Al” arrested in Austria. VICE World News, February 4, 2021.

He compared gay marriage to bestiality. Now he’s in charge of his country’s schools. VICE World News, January 27, 2021.

Austrian academic institute revokes fellowship given to far-right figurehead. VICE World News, January 11, 2021.

How an interview with Politico made this man public enemy No. 1 in Hungary. VICE World News, January 21, 2021.

An all-white panel on German TV decided racism wasn’t a big deal. VICE World News, February 2, 2021.

Journalists, cops attacked at far-right anti-lockdown protest in Austria. VICE World News, February 1, 2021.

“It’s hard to believe what’s happening”: The Polish women fighting a near total abortion ban. VICE World News, January 29, 2021.

Portugal had seemed immune to far-right populism. Until now. VICE World News, January 25, 2021.

Israel wants to “vaccinate everyone.” But what about 5 million Palestinians? VICE World News, January 14, 2021.

The MAGA insurrection will inspire imitators for years to come, German experts warn. VICE World News. January 7, 2021.

ISIS kidnapped their loved ones. Now they might be their only hope to find them. VICE World News, November 20, 2020.

Poland’s abortion ban ruling is already having a chilling effect. VICE World News, November 19, 2020.

Polish embassy backing grassroots campaign to glorify anti-Semite buried in London. VICE World News, November 18, 2020.

Far-right anti-vaxxers are targeting the German co-developer of the COVID vaccine. VICE World News, November 13, 2020.

“There is no turning back”: Polish women undeterred by threat of far-right violence. VICE World News, October 30, 2020.

Poland’s far-right is mobilising to defend churches amid abortion protests. VICE World News, October 26, 2020.

“I’m feeling unsafe”: Polish women take to the streets over near total abortion ban. VICE World News, October 23, 2020.

Germany’s far-right is fired up after its fantasy of storming the Reichstag almost came true. VICE World News, September 2, 2020.

“Poland’s Stonewall”: Violent arrests spark protests against Polish government homophobia. VICE World News, August 12, 2020.

“It’s mind-boggling”: Lebanese security forces condemned for firing tear gas in blast aftermath. VICE World News, August 7, 2020.

Beirut blast will send Lebanon “rushing towards collapse,” say experts. VICE World News, August 5, 2020.

Asylum seekers describe “gang-style violence” in Europe’s biggest migrant camp. VICE World News, August 3, 2020.

Poland’s ruling party is using homophobia to attract voters in Sunday’s presidential election. VICE World News, June 26, 2020.

Violence is exploding in Europe’s most notorious migrant camp. VICE World News, June 12, 2020.

Coronavirus shut down Europe’s neo-Nazi music scene. May 7, 2020.

Coronavirus has arrived at the doorstep of the world’s biggest refugee settlement. VICE News, March 26, 2020.

No soap, little water, and no way out: refugee camps brace for coronavirus. VICE News, March 13, 2020.

Coronavirus is giving Europe’s far-right an excuse to scapegoat refugees. VICE News, March 19, 2020.

A Hindu nationalist mob torched this man’s home and trashed the mosque next door. VICE News, February 26, 2020.

Arson, pepper spray and arrests: Hong Kongers want to close the border with China over coronavirus. VICE News, February 18, 2020.

A black metal festival in Ukraine this weekend is the neo-Nazi networking event of the year. VICE News, December 13, 2019.

What the hell are Ukrainian fascists doing at the Hong Kong protests? VICE News, December 5, 2019.

A US Marine used the neo-Nazi site Iron March to recruit for “racial holy war.” VICE News, November 8, 2019.

Brexit delays are fuelling a dangerous rage among Britain’s far-right. VICE News, October 19, 2019.

Poland’s nationalist government has declared war on the LGBTQ community. VICE News, August 27, 2019.

Far-right extremists have been using the war in Ukraine as a training ground. Now they’re coming home. VICE News, July 31, 2019.

He saved thousands of lives on the Med. That could land him in jail for 20 years. VICE News, June 19, 2019.

“It’s like we have a target on our back”: Black Italians face a surge of racism in Salvini’s Italy. August 16, 2018.

German neo-Nazis are threatening more deaths after the assassination of a CDU politician. VICE News, May 20, 2019.

Russia’s most notorious football hooligan is trying to build a neo-Nazi MMA empire across Europe. July 26, 2018.

Russian journalist who faked his own death fires back at critics: “Whatever, guys”. July 19, 2018.

Italy’s new government is pandering to anti-vaxxers during a deadly measles outbreak. June 29, 2018.

German neo-Nazis are trying to go mainstream with music festivals and MMA. April 24, 2018.

Neo-Nazis are descending on a German town for Hitler’s birthday. April 20, 2018.

Austria’s far-right frat boys have made it into government, and it’s a problem. VICE News, March 13, 2018.

A lit fuse: How an anti-migrant protest movement spawned a far-right terror group in an east German town. March 5, 2018.

Narendra Modi’s Twitter troll army is winning India’s culture war. VICE News, January 31, 2018.

Acid is the new weapon of choice on Britain’s streets. June 1, 2017.

The Manchester bomber grew up in a neighborhood struggling with extremism. May 25, 2017.

Survivors struggle to come to terms with Manchester terror attack. May 23, 2017.

Poland’s populist government let far-right extremism explode into the mainstream. May 9, 2017.

Jesse Klaver: The progressive left’s big hope in the Netherlands looks like Trudeau but says he’s more like Bernie. March 13, 2017.

Migrants face freezing temperatures as they struggle to get to the EU. January 18, 2017.

Kurds must give up captured territory once ISIS is defeated, Iraqi leader says. November 18, 2016.

Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

Syria war: Bombs fall like ‘rain’ on eastern Aleppo, resident says. November 17, 2016.

Syria: Heavy airstrikes resume on east Aleppo amid major regime offensive. November 15, 2016.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange questioned on Swedish rape allegations. November 14, 2016.

UK’s Boris Johnson tells EU leaders to stop whining about Trump. November 11, 2016.

France identifies suspected coordinator of Paris, Brussels attacks. November 8, 2016.

MI5 chief: Britain faces growing threat from Russia. November 1, 2016.

Battle for Mosul: How ISIS is fighting to keep its Iraqi stronghold. October 24, 2016.

Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

Indicted ex-FIFA official cites ‘Onion’ article to defend himself. June 1, 2015.

Migrant boat re-enters Malaysian waters after refusing offer to land. May 17, 2015.

We will send Rohingya back, says Malaysia, amid calls to rescue migrants. May 15, 2015.

Four arrested after discovery of Thai ‘detention camp’ with 26 graves. May 6, 2015.

Treacherous journey to epicenter of Nepal quake. May 5, 2015.

Days after Nepal quake, traumatized villagers escape disaster zone. April 30, 2015.

Nepal quake toll passes 4,400 amid fears over remote areas. April 28, 2015.

Mom survives 36 hours in Nepal quake rubble. April 28, 2015.

Indonesia executes 6 for drug offenses, sets off diplomatic storm. January 18, 2015.

Rajapaksa’s gamble fails as rival wins Sri Lanka election. January 9, 2015.

‘Caught between a hammer and an anvil’: Inside Myanmar’s Rohingya internment camps. October 31, 2014.

Abbott vows to ‘shirt-front’ Putin over MH17; Russia says comments ‘immature.’ October 15, 2014.

Hong Kong protesters remain on streets but allow government workers past. October 7, 2014.

Group ditches talks with Hong Kong government, calls for more protest. October 4, 2014.

Pro-democracy protesters target office of Hong Kong’s chief executive. October 2, 2014.

Understanding the symbols of Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution.’ October 1, 2014.

Australian deal to settle refugees in Cambodia slammed as ‘new low.’ September 26, 2014.

Dolphins killed as controversial hunting season resumes in Japan. September 25, 2014.

Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, Dotcom: Can this gang of four take down a PM? September 15, 2014.

‘House of Cards’ in the South Pacific: New Zealand’s ‘dirty elections’., September 12, 2014.

Fascists in saffron robes: The rise of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist ultra-nationalists., July 18, 2014.

10 year’s hard labor for reporters: Is it back to square one for Myanmar’s press freedom?, July 12, 2014.

Fear, shock among Sri Lankan Muslims in aftermath of Buddhist mob violence., June 24, 2014.

From coup-maker to hit-maker: Thai general pens happiness ballad., June 12, 2014.

Alarm in Hong Kong at Chinese white paper affirming Beijing control., June 11, 2014.

Report alleges ‘systematic’ torture in Kachin areas of Myanmar., June 10, 2014.

Kidnappings, murder and a female Christ: Why China’s banned ‘Eastern Lightning’ cult has Beijing worried., June 9, 2014.

Will Myanmar’s extremist nationalist monks succeed in banning marriage between Buddhists and Muslims?, May 30, 2014.

55 sentenced before 7,000 onlookers at terror ‘show trial’ in Chinese stadium., May 29, 2014.

Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira: The world’s least likely political bedfellows?, May 27, 2014.

Cricket hit by fresh match-fixing allegations over New Zealand players., May 21, 2014.

Who is Narendra Modi? Meet India’s pro-business, Hindu nationalist MP-in-waiting., May 20, 2013.

Protesters descend on Thai capital seeking government’s ouster., May 9, 2014.

Ousted Thai PM Yingluck to face impeachment over rice program., May 8, 2014.

Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra dismissed from office by court., May 7, 2014.

Why the U.S. government is ‘trolling’ jihadists on social media., April 18, 2013.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s silence on the Rohingya: Has ‘The Lady’ lost her voice?, April 15, 2013.

Nehru-Gandhi heir to face-off with polarising Hindu nationalist in Indian election., April 7, 2014.

Groups warn of backlash as U.N. calls for probe of Sri Lanka’s civil war abuses., April 3, 2014.

Chinese mining tycoon charged with running mafia-style gang., April 1, 2014.

Sri Lankan activist held under ‘anti-terror’ laws says crackdown aimed to stifle international scrutiny., March 19, 2014.

Malaysian opposition leader: MH370 wasn’t hijacked in my name., March 18, 2014.

Medecins Sans Frontieres banned in Myanmar state for alleged ‘Rohingya bias’., March 3, 2014.

Thai police confront protesters in bid to seize Bangkok demonstration sites., February 14, 2014.

‘Japanese Beethoven’: ‘I can hear sometimes’., February 12, 2014.

Checkbook journalism under fire as Schapelle Corby eyes big payday., February 11, 2014.

Uproar as ‘Japanese Beethoven’ exposed as a fraud., February 7, 2014.

WHO: Imminent global cancer ‘disaster’ reflects aging, lifestyle factors., February 5, 2014.

Thailand braces for looming Bangkok shutdown., January 14, 2014.

The women who sold their daughters into sex slavery., December 11, 2013.

Climate change may pose threat to economic growth, says report. October 30, 2013.

South Korea stunned as 6 who defected to Pyongyang are repatriated. October 28, 2013.

Sex scandal engulfs Auckland’s ‘super mayor.’ October 19. 2013.

India, China, Pakistan on slavery’s list of shame. October 18, 2013.

Is the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 racist? October 10, 2013.

How the FBI caught the Dread Pirate Roberts, creator of online drugs market Silk Road. October 5, 2013.

U.N. report highlights ‘unspeakable atrocities’ in North Korea. September 18, 2013.

Outrage as princeling teen son of Chinese ‘singing general’ faces gang rape charges. August 30, 2013.

Cirque du Soleil shocks Beijing audience with Tiananmen ‘tank man’ image. August 15, 2013.

Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott slammed for ‘sex appeal’ comments. August 14, 2013.

Twin baby girls rescued as China maternity hospital trafficking probe continues. August 10, 2013.

Chinese newborn, sold to traffickers by obstetrician, is returned to parents. August 8, 2013.

Thai oil spill threatens fishing, tourism., July 31, 2013.

Confusion, grief and despair in India’s school poisoning village., July 19, 2013.

Egypt’s coup: What we know so far., July 4, 2013.

Police operation crushes Mekong drug gangs., July 2, 2013.

Chinese Internet users back Snowden, call on government to protect him., June 11, 2013.

Benjamin Lasnier: Danish Justin Bieber lookalike, now with a record contract. The Guardian, March 18, 2013.

Tahrir’s bodyguards fight to ‘cure Egypt’s disease’., February 21, 2013.

The power of the pickleback. The Wall Street Journal Europe, February 28, 2013.

Bersani leads Berlusconi in polls as Italy votes for new parliament., February 24, 2013.

Italy’s election: What are the issues? And will anyone win a majority?, February 20, 2013.

Lebanese women take on Muslim judges who call rape “a marital right”., February 18, 2013.

Householders urged to stop feeding urban foxes after attack on baby. The Independent, February 10, 2013.

Mecca redevelopment sparks heritage concerns., February 7, 2013.

Police ‘stole identities of dead children’ to give undercover officers new identities. The Independent, February 4, 2013.

Can Iraq’s geeks save the country?, January 29, 2013.

Who will win the battle for the new Tunisia?, January 11, 2013.

Davos 2013: New year, same old problems?, January 10, 2013.

Silence over sexual violence: Arab women take stand on ‘absurd honor’., December 6, 2012.

What’s driving Egypt’s unrest?, November 30, 2012.

Palestinian United Nations bid explained., November 30, 2012.

Mideast men go under knife for manly mustaches., November 29, 2012.

Saving trees with smartphones: A high-tech solution to disease., November 12, 2012.

Fast food-loving Kuwaitis fight fat with stomach stapling., November 8, 2012.

Young brothers, ‘denied refuge,’ swept to death by Sandy., November 2, 2012.

Probe of Antarctica’s hidden lakes may yield clues to extraterrestrial life., October 30, 2012.

Stolen British Olympic medal returned in mail., October 27, 2012.

Arrest made over British Olympic medals theft., October 25, 2012.

A rebirth of Berber culture in post-Gadhafi Libya., September 3, 2012.

Syrian artists fight Assad regime with satire., August 27, 2012.

Images of Tahrir: Egypt’s revolutionary art. “Inside the Middle East”,, August 10, 2012.

Soldiers fill empty Olympic VIP seats as storm grows., July 29, 2012.

Navigating the ‘Isles of Wonder’: A guide to the Olympic opening ceremony., July 28, 2012.

Fighting for Jordan and Lebanon’s stateless children., July 27, 2012.

‘Bars for Ramadan’ list sparks protest in Dubai., July 25, 2012.

Can the Geneva Conventions stop the carnage in Syria?, July 16, 2012.

Burning tires: Symbol of conflict to sign of peace. “Inside the Middle East”,, June 29, 2012.

The iron ore lady: Why the world’s richest woman is mired in controversy. The Independent Magazine, June 16, 2012.

UK faces £5bn bill if Greece leaves euro. The Independent, June 5, 2012.

Eurovision Song Contest: ‘It’s soft politics, but it’s politics’., May 24, 2012.

Timbuktu: Mali’s treasure at risk from armed uprising., April 13, 2012.

Artist creates objects of beauty from images of death., March 22, 2012.

Radio appearance discussing Russia and Georgia’s diplomatic race in the South Pacific: “The Monocle Daily”, Monocle 24, February 23, 2012 (starts 52m17s in).

Phone journalism gives a voice to India’s rural poor., February 22, 2012.

Nauru and Abkhazia: One is a destitute microstate marooned in the South Pacific, the other is a disputed former Soviet Republic 13,000km away, so why are they so keen to be friends? The Independent, February 14, 2012.

Meet the Western members of the Kim Jong Il fan club. TIME, January 24. 2012.

His dear leader: meet North Korea’s secret weapon – an IT consultant from Spain. The Independent Magazine, January 21, 2012.

Hope for family of murdered waiter as prosecutor agrees to meeting after 14 years. The Independent, January 16, 2012.

Cameron runs into a new critic of high-speed rail: his father-in-law. The Independent, January 12, 2012.

Single stab to the heart killed teen in Oxford Street fight. The Independent, December 28, 2011.

Radio appearance discussing forthcoming New Zealand elections. “The Briefing”, Monocle 24, November 25, 2011 (starts 19m40s in).

Activist: Egypt’s leaders label female protesters ‘prostitutes’., November 25, 2011.

Boos turn to cheers for playwright Bean as he scoops top drama award. The Independent, November 21, 2011.

Photographer captures ‘new slaves’ of the Gulf., November 11, 2011.

Iran bans ‘underground university,’ brands it ‘extremist cult’. “Inside the Middle East”,, November 10, 2011.

The rugby was ugly but victory was beautiful. The Independent, October 24, 2011.

New Zealanders hope to be on top of the world. The Independent, October 22, 2011.

MI5 suspected MP’s intern was ‘another Anna Chapman’. The Independent, October 20, 2011.

Russian aide: Yes, I had affair with MP but I’m not a spy. The Independent, October 19, 2011.

‘I don’t think they appreciate what the City contributes’. The Independent, October 18, 2011.

After the demos, the sit-in begins – in London and beyond. The Independent, October 17, 2011.

Willliams’s ‘healing’ Zimbabwe trip starts with anti-gay protests. The Independent, October 10, 2011.

Patients were put in danger by chaotic GP, whistleblowers claim. The Independent, October 3, 2011.

Quiet American: an interview with Ryan Adams. Sunday magazine (Sunday Star-Times), October 2, 2011.

Hating and hugging at the Rugby World Cup. Monocle, September 30, 2011.

Rabbi takes on WikiLeaks after secret talks with Iran are exposed. The Independent, September 10, 2011.

Couple held by Somali pirates for 388 days plan to return to the seas. The Independent, September 7, 2011.

The drugs don’t work. Monocle, August 29, 2011.

Pretty serious: an audience with actor Rob Lowe. Sunday magazine (Sunday Star-Times), June 12, 2011.

Christchurch begins to believe ‘Moon Man’ who predicted quakes. The Independent, March 23, 2011.