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Tent City, Kathmandu, April 2015.

I’m a London-based journalist working as VICE News’ senior reporter for international, filing news, features and the occasional video report. I write mainly about Europe and the Middle East, focusing on political extremism, from Islamism to the far right.

Prior to joining VICE, I spent five years working for CNN International, with stints in both the Hong Kong and London newsrooms. I worked as a newsdesk editor and digital producer, covering international news in Asia-Pacific and EMEA, from the Rohingya crisis and the Nepal earthquake to terror attacks in Europe and the Syrian conflict.

I was a staff writer for Sunday Star-Times, a national broadsheet in New Zealand, from 2004-11, and as a freelancer have written for publications including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The GuardianTIME.comThe Independent and Monocle.

Belgrade, Serbia, January 2017.

I’m a former Fulbright scholar and graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, and have won a number of press awards in New Zealand and the U.S. I’ve covered major natural disasters in Indonesia, Nepal and New Zealand, and have filed reports from countries including Serbia, Lebanon, Cambodia, Poland and the Solomon Islands.




Email: tim.hume (at) vice.com

Twitter: @tim_hume

Instagram: @tim_hume